Selection Process

Dear Applicant,

The Blue Campus is a novel approach to education. It is to shape the vision of the future and the career path young people commit to for years and decades to come. The Blue Campus aims at bringing together ‘out of the box’ thinking individuals who want to create a ‘Superworld’ in which every action undertaken is ultimately seeking the Common Good.

As an applicant, you are envisioning to join this unique education platform. Being part of the Blue Campus is therefore a mutual commitment between you and team of passionate and dedicated team of visionary doers. Give us a chance to get to know you better to have you part of this a life changing experience.

Welcome to a school where hope translates into positive action: Welcome to the Blue Campus !

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of living in Morocco ?

To compare the cost of living in Morocco with that of your country, visit comparison site.

Where is the program taking place?

The course will take place in city of Kenitra, Morocco. It will also include field visits in Morocco and abroad.

When does the program start ?

Selected students have to be in Morocco by 15/09/2022 to enrol the program, which will end by 15/06/2023. The course will last 9 months.

How much will the program cost ?

The cost of the training is € 2,000, corresponding to the tuition fees only. This does therefore not include fees related to lodging, transportation and daily expenses. The payment is a condition for your admission. Relevant information for the payment will be sent to you once you are officially admitted.

Students who are sponsored by a company or an institution are welcome to apply. (More information about the cost scheme for sponsored students to come)

What are the age requirements to join the Blue Campus?

There are no age requirements whatsoever to be able to apply to the Blue Campus. Anyone (including under 18 years old) can and should apply, provided they can show motivation and potential to make the best out of the program for the Common Good of Society.

How many courses does the program contain?

The program contains 4 compulsory courses, 19 elective courses (a minimum of 4 are selected per term), and 2 field visits.

Is a visa required to be able to study in Morocco?

International students who are not Moroccan residents will need to check the immigration requirements. Further information will be made available to the selected students.

What are the academic pre-requisites for joining the Blue Campus?

There are no academic pre-requisites: Not even a high school degree is required!
People from all backgrounds are welcome to apply: current middle school students, high school students, university graduates, Post-Docs and even senior professionals are welcome to apply! 

In what language will the program be taught?

The courses will be taught mainly in English. Some courses will be taught in French.

Will the program be made available online?

Yes, students who are willing to take the course online will be able to do so. (More information to come)

Will the 2022-2023 edition of the Blue Campus be repeated annually ?
The 2022 edition of the Blue Campus will be a unique edition and is not intended to be repeated. Upgrades (after the Blue Campus) of the installations on board PORRIMA will be punctual and will be taking place during stopovers in the ports where PORRIMA will be calling, following its relaunch in the summer of 2023
For online courses, what is the expected weekly hourly volume?
The weekly hourly volume applies to around twenty hours per week
Will the online courses be made available live or will they be recorded and then made accessible at the student's convenience?
The courses will be recorded for all sessions and will be shared online at the end of each term.
Is it possible to take both in-person and online classes (depending on each participant's schedule)?
Students will have to chose one course format only. Taking both course formats simultaneously will not be possible
What is the deadline for applying?
There is no deadline for submitting an application. The limit will be reached once 500 applicants have been accepted
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